Heaven’s Manna SOGM

Some years ago, a songwriter entitled a song “What the World needs now is Love”. In a world of chaos, corruption, and contempt, what the world needs is Jesus Christ.  He is the Love that heals deep wounds of anger and hate, mends injuries caused by rejection, disappointment, and discouragement and restores good health in the hearts and minds of people.

The Holy Spirit has birthed Heaven’s Manna Saints of God Ministries, through Apostle Bill and Pastor Penny Moses, as an oasis of love.  They have been called to minister the love and the Word of God to all who will receive it.  God uses Apostle Moses to declare the Word with revelatory and prophetic insight and He has anointed Pastor Penny to teach with much understanding and clarity.  Both have a strong desire to see believers apply the Word in their lives so that they live in the victory God has intended for them.

Heaven’s Manna SOGM is a Spirit-filled family praise, worship, and deliverance center which exists to declare God’s glory, to declare God’s righteousness, and to manifest God’s wisdom through fresh bread (manna) given by God.